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Vet Q. 1985 Oct;7(4):315-21.

Streptococcus suis infections in pigs in the Netherlands (Part I).


Data are presented on the incidence of various streptococcal infections in pigs in the Netherlands. 314 Strains isolated in the course of routine post-mortem diagnosis were examined. The most frequently occurring streptococcus was S. subacidus (bio) type II which was isolated in 31.2% of the cases. S. suis type 2 (Serogroup R) and S. equisimilis (Serogroup C) constituted 16.2% and 13.7% of the isolates respectively. Besides meningitis, endocarditis and polyserositis S. suis type 2 infections may frequently be associated with pneumonia (42%). The biochemical profiles of the various S. suis and S. subacidus (bio) types are presented. The profile of both species is almost identical. It seems justified to use the name S. suis for strains with this characteristic profile and to abandon the name S. subacidus. Haemolysis does not appear to be a suitable characteristic to screen for S. subacidus/S. suis types. In comparing three serological methods for typing S. suis type 2, gel precipitation using Fuller's extract and slide agglutination give an almost 100% correlation. These two methods are recommended for serotyping.

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