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Med Microbiol Immunol. 1985;174(4):177-85.

Prevention of rotavirus infection by oral administration of cow colostrum containing antihumanrotavirus antibody.


After immunizing 8-month pregnant Holstein cows with human rotavirus, Wa strain, cow colostrum containing neutralizing antibody to human rotavirus, designated as Rota colostrum, was obtained. After randomly grouping 13 infants from a single orphanage, 6 infants received 20 ml of Rota colostrum every morning and 7 control infants received 20 ml of market milk. One month later, rotavirus associated diarrhea was observed in 6 of the 7 infants given milk and 1 out of the 6 infants given Rota colostrum. Orally administered Rota colostrum significantly protected infants from diarrhea caused by rotavirus (P less than 0.05). Two out of 5 Rota colostrum recipients who were free from diarrhea showed rises in complement fixation (CF) antibody titer after the rotavirus infection epidemic. Thus, Rota colostrum prevented the outbreak of diarrhea but did not prevent immunological responses to natural rotavirus infection. In the therapeutic trial Rota colostrum had no effect on duration of diarrhea, bowel movements or virus shedding in stool. However, there were no side-effects of Rota colostrum.

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