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Virology. 1985 Jul 15;144(1):20-34.

Functional analysis of the A complementation group mutants of Sindbis HR virus.


The 10 members of the A complementation group of temperature-sensitive (ts) mutants of SIN HR, the heat-resistant strain of Sindbis virus, were divided into two phenotypic subgroups. Subgroup I mutants (ts15, ts17, ts21, ts24, and ts133) demonstrated temperature-sensitive 26 S mRNA synthesis, whereas subgroup II mutants (ts4, ts14, ts16, ts19, and ts138) did not; both ts4 and ts19 demonstrated defective 26 S mRNA synthesis at 30 degrees. None of the A group mutants demonstrated temperature-sensitive 49 S plus-strand synthesis. Temperature-sensitive cleavage of ns230 was demonstrated by subgroup I mutants, except ts21, but not by subgroup II mutants. A revertant of ts133 that grew at 40 degrees retained temperature-sensitive 26 S mRNA synthesis but lost temperature-sensitive cleavage of ns230 and the RNA-negative phenotype. Only ts4, like ts11 of the B complementation group, demonstrated temperature-sensitive minus-strand RNA synthesis. In addition to ts24, cells infected with ts17 or ts133 continued to synthesize minus strands after shiftup in the absence of continued protein synthesis, and resumed synthesis of minus strands if shifted to the nonpermissive temperature after minus-strand synthesis had ceased at the permissive temperature.

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