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Eur J Biochem. 1977 May 2;75(1):43-53.

Synthesis of exported proteins by membrane-bound polysomes from Escherichia coli.


A membrane-bound fraction of polysomes of Escherichia coli has been isolated after lysis of cells without the use of lysozyme. Protein-synthesis studies in vitro show that membrane-bound and free polysomes are different in the following respects. 1. Membrane-bound polysomes synthesize proteins which are exported from the cell. The products include proteins of the outer membrane and a secreted periplasmic protein, the maltose-binding protein. 2. The major product synthesized by free polysomes is elongation factor Tu, a soluble cytoplasmic protein. 3. The activity of membrane-bound polysomes in vitro is more resistant to puromycin than is the activity of free polysomes. In addition, the mRNA associated with membrane-bound polysomes is more stable than the bulk of cellular mRNA as revealed by studies with rifampicin.

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