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Exp Cell Res. 1985 Sep;160(1):138-49.

Perisinusoidal fat-storing cells are the main vitamin A storage sites in rat liver.


Highly purified sinusoidal (fat-storing, Kupffer and endothelial cells) and parenchymal cells were isolated to assess the cellular distribution of vitamin A in liver of adult vitamin A-sufficient rats. A modified simple procedure was developed for the purification of fat-storing cells from rat liver. This was achieved by a single centrifugation step in a two-layer density Nycodenz gradient. Endothelial and Kupffer cells were obtained from the same gradient and further purified by centrifugal elutriation. Reverse-phase HPLC analysis showed that fat-storing cells contained about 300-fold the amount of retinyl esters present in parenchymal cells on a mg cell protein basis. In fat-storing cells, the same retinyl esters, viz. retinyl palmitate, retinyl stearate and retinyl oleate, were present as in whole liver. It was also observed that, within 12 h after intravenous injection of chylomicron [3H]retinyl ester, most of the radioactivity had accumulated in the fat-storing cells. It is concluded that fat-storing cells are the main storage sites for vitamin A in rat liver.

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