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Immunology. 1985 Aug;55(4):585-94.

Hepatic uptake of circulating IgG immune complexes.


IgG antibodies were found to increase the uptake of circulating dinintrophenylated human serum albumin (DNP-HSA) preparations by the nonparenchymal liver cells in rats. Highly DNP-conjugated HSA was taken up by the Kupffer cells both when given alone and when complexed by IgG. More lightly DNP-conjugated HSA was taken up mainly by the liver endothelial cells. Here, IgG promoted the antigen uptake both by the Kupffer cells and by the endothelial cells. Uptake of IgG immune complexes (IgG-ICs) by the sinusoidal endothelial cells of the liver is a new aspect on the function of these cells. Whether or not this phenomenon is Fc receptor-mediated is discussed. A heat-labile serum factor was found to direct the ICs to the Kupffer cells. This implies that serum complement and hepatic C3 receptors are essential for the physiological clearance of circulating immune complexes.

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