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Nucleic Acids Res. 1985 May 24;13(10):3427-38.

Analysis of the promoter region and the N-propeptide domain of the human pro alpha 2(I) collagen gene.


We have located the exon coding for the start site of transcription of the human pro alpha 2(I) collagen gene. Comparison with the homologous region of other fibrillar collagen genes has confirmed the existence of a consensus sequence (CATGTCTA-n-TAGACATG) capable of forming a hairpin secondary structure possibly involved in the regulation of collagen biosynthesis. Sequence comparison of the chromosomal regions at the 5' end of the pro alpha 1(I) and pro alpha 2(I) collagen genes failed to identify unique DNA elements potentially mediating common regulatory signals. Sequencing of four exons coding for the N-terminal propeptide has determined most of its structure and it has implied the existence of smaller coding units similar to the 11 and 18 bp exons originally described in the avian gene.

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