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J Comp Neurol. 1985 May 15;235(3):277-300.

Efferent connections of the centromedian and parafascicular thalamic nuclei: an autoradiographic investigation in the cat.


The efferent projections of the centromedian and parafascicular (CM-Pf) thalamic nuclear complex were analyzed by the autoradiographic method. Our findings show that the CM-Pf complex projects in a topographic manner to specific regions of the rostral cortex. These fibers distribute primarily to cortical layers I and III; however, the projection to layer I is more extensive. Following an injection into the rostral portion of the CM-Pf complex, label is found within the lateral rostral cortex, particularly within the presylvian, anterior ectosylvian, and anterior lateral sulci, and within the rostral medial cortex where label is present within the cruciate and anterior splenial sulci and anterior cingulate gyrus. An injection into the caudal dorsal portion of the CM-Pf complex results in label within the more ventral portions of the rostral lateral cortex where it is present within the anterior sylvian gyrus, presylvian regions, and gyrus proreus; and within the rostral medial cortex, where it is present within the rostral cingulate gyrus, and within the cruciate sulcus, and an extensive region ventral to the cruciate sulcus which includes the anterior limbic area. Injections into the caudal ventral portion of the CM-Pf complex result in virtually no cortical label, although a few labeled fibers are found in the subcortical white matter. The subcortical projection from the CM-Pf complex terminates within the caudate nucleus, putamen, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus, zona incerta, fields of Forel, hypothalamus, thalamic reticular nucleus, and rostral intralaminar nuclei. Prominent silver grain aggregates are also present within the ventral lateral, ventral anterior, ventral medial, and lateral posterior nuclei, and ventrobasal complex. The aggregates in the thalamus appear to be fibers of passage, but whether these are also terminals cannot be determined with the techniques used in the present study.

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