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Brain Res. 1985 May 13;334(1):169-71.

Absence of spindle oscillations in the cat anterior thalamic nuclei.


Intracellular recordings were performed in cat anterior thalamic nuclei (anterior ventral, medial and dorsal) which, according to a recent anatomical study, do not receive afferents from the reticularis thalami nucleus. Neurons of anterior nuclei did not display spontaneous membrane potential oscillations of the spindle type and such oscillations could neither be evoked in these cells by cortical stimulation. The absence of spontaneous and evoked spindling activity was observed despite that anterior thalamic cells displayed intrinsic membrane properties similar to those of thalamocortical cells in other nuclei. Electrographic recordings from cortical areas connected to anterior thalamic nuclei were also free of spindle activity. Taken together with the evidence that thalamic relay neurons deprived from their reticularis input by sections or kainic acid lesions lose their spindling activity, our results point to the essential role of the reticularis complex in the genesis of thalamic spindle waves.

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