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Dev Psychobiol. 1985 May;18(3):203-14.

The role of feeding regimens in the growth of neonate broad-banded water snakes, Nerodia fasciata confluens, and possible effects on reproduction.


The effect of different feeding regimens on the growth pattern of Nerodia fasciata confluens was tested using a litter of 18 captive-born neonates. The snakes were divided among three feeding groups: one group fed once per week, another fed twice per week, and the third fed on alternate days. The once per week and the twice per week groups were offered the same weight of food each week, while the alternate-day group was offered food in excess of ingestion levels during each feeding session. The results indicate that there is a shift in the allocation of energy for growth in weight, snout-vent length, and tail length with a change in the feeding regimen. Females were affected more than the males. The results are discussed in relation to their possible effect on reproduction.

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