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J Am Acad Dermatol. 1985 Jan;12(1 Pt 1):90-8.

Management of stasis leg ulcers with Unna's boots versus elastic support stockings.


Twenty-one patients with stasis leg ulcers were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group was treated with Unna's boots, while the second was treated with elastic support stockings with graded compression from 24 mm/Hg pressure at the ankle to 16 mm/Hg pressure at the calf. The ulcers on seven of ten legs (70%) treated with Unna's boots and on 10 of 14 legs (71%) treated with elastic support stocking healed. Although the two groups were small, there was no statistically significant difference between their success rate in healing stasis leg ulcers (p = 0.9394). Both treatment groups showed significant changes in lower limb volume, calf circumference, and ankle circumference, although there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups. If healing times are calculated, however, the average healing time in the Unna boot-treated group was 7.3 weeks, while patients treated with support stockings took an average of 18.4 weeks. If one patient whose ulcerations almost encircled her calves and took 78 weeks to heal is excluded, patients treated with support stockings had an average healing time of 11.8 weeks.

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