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Am J Med Genet. 1985 Jan;20(1):173-80.

De novo 21q interstitial deletion in a retarded boy with ulno-fibular dysostosis.


A 9-year-old boy was referred for evaluation of multiple anomalies and mental retardation. Skeletal abnormalities had been noted at birth: joint contractures, right acetabular "dysplasia," ulno-fibular dysostosis, and bilateral talipes equinovarus with calcaneocuboid fusion. Additional findings at 9 years included short stature, unusual facial appearance, camptodactyly of several digits, undescended testes, and syndactyly of toes 4 and 5. On psychological testing he was found to be moderately retarded. Cytogenetic analysis of chromosome bands using Q, GTG, R, and C banding showed an interstitial deletion of 21q; karyotype designation: 46,XY, del (21)(pter----q11.2::q22.1----qter). Parental chromosomes were normal. Manifestations in this boy, including the joint contractures, are similar to those described in the monosomy 21 syndrome. Ulno-fibular dysostosis has not been reported previously with abnormalities of chromosome 21. To our knowledge, this is the second patient reported with an interstitial deletion of chromosome 21, and the patients are phenotypically dissimilar.

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