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J Mol Biol. 1985 Nov 5;186(1):43-51.

Comparison of the human apolipoprotein genes. Apo AII presents a unique functional intron-exon junction.


The structure and function of the apolipoproteins are of interest because of their central role in lipid metabolism. We report the complete primary structure of the human apo AII and CIII genes. These, like apo AI, contain three introns located at conserved positions. This may reflect their evolutionary and functional relationship. Indeed, computer-aided analysis shows that these apolipoproteins and apo AIV (rat), CI, CII and E contain homologous amino acid sequences. In the case of apo AI, AII and CIII, such sequences are encoded by equivalent exons. Finally, the apo AII gene presents a unique intron-exon junction sequence 5' (G-T)16G-G-G-C-A-G 3' that, although departing considerably from the accepted consensus (Py)15X-Py-A-G, appears to function efficiently both in vivo and in a transient expression system.

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