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Science. 1985 Nov 22;230(4728):943-5.

Recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha: effects on proliferation of normal and transformed cells in vitro.


Modulation of the growth of human and murine cell lines in vitro by recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-alpha (rTNF-alpha) and recombinant human interferon-gamma (rIFN-gamma) was investigated. rTNF-alpha had cytostatic or cytolytic effects on only some tumor cell lines. When administered together with rIFN-gamma, rTNF-alpha showed enhanced antiproliferative effects on a subset of the cell lines tested. In contrast to its effects on sensitive tumor cells, rTNF-alpha augmented the growth of normal diploid fibroblasts. Variations in the proliferative response induced by rTNF-alpha were apparently not due to differences in either the number of binding sites per cell or their affinity for rTNF-alpha. These observations indicate that the effects of rTNF-alpha on cell growth are not limited to tumor cells, but rather that this protein may have a broad spectrum of activities in vivo.

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