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EMBO J. 1985 Mar;4(3):675-81.

Variant (6;15) translocations in murine plasmacytomas involve a chromosome 15 locus at least 72 kb from the c-myc oncogene.


The variant (6;15) translocations in murine plasmacytomas join the myc oncogene-bearing band of chromosome 15 and the immunoglobulin kappa band of chromosome 6. We recently cloned a region from chromosome 15 linked to C kappa and have now used probes from that region to define the major locus of plasmacytoma variant translocations, which we denote pvt-1. In five of nine plasmacytomas we analysed, the 6;15 translocation resulted from reciprocal recombination between the C kappa locus and a 4.5-kb region of pvt-1. Moreover, nearby we located the region shown by others to have undergone a complex (15;12;6) translocation in plasmacytoma PC7183. All the chromosome 6 breakpoints fell between 1 and 3 kb 5' to C kappa but only two were near J kappa genes. Thus the J kappa -C kappa region appears to be a recombination 'hot spot' in lymphocytes, but the breaks are unlikely to be mediated via V/J recombination enzymes. Comparison of a cloned 108-kb region across pvt-1 and another of 52 kb across c-myc established that the pvt-1 breakpoints lie at least 72 kb from the c-myc promoters. Since c-myc is expressed at a substantial level, the 6;15 translocation apparently activates c-myc. Activation may occur directly, at a remarkable distance along the chromosome, or indirectly, via a putative pvt-1 gene product.

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