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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1985 May 29;840(1):69-78.

The nature of maturational decline of intestinal lactase activity.


We have examined the nature of the decline of lactase (EC activity in the maturing rat intestine. It was established in an initial study that the activity decline reflected a proportional reduction in the concentration of the enzyme protein. Accumulation patterns of label into lactase, total intestinal proteins and sucrase (EC (EC were compared, 4 h following administration of a tracer dose of [3H]leucine to weanling rats exhibiting a wide range of lactase decline. Accumulation of increasing amounts of label in total intestinal proteins and sucrase-isomaltase pools was found to accompany the lactase decline, in contrast to accumulation of a constant amount of label in the declining lactase pools. The pattern of increased label accumulation in total intestinal proteins was shown in a corollary study to reflect a corresponding acceleration of total protein synthesis. On this basis, the finding of a constant amount of label in the declining lactase pools suggested a constant synthesis of lactase. We proposed earlier that associated reductions in enterocyte life-span (leading to correspondingly less lactase accumulation) rather than suppressed synthesis may provide the primary causal basis of lactase decline in the postweaned mammal.

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