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Gene. 1985;40(2-3):191-201.

Characterization of Streptomyces promoter sequences using the Escherichia coli galactokinase gene.


A gene fusion system that uses the Escherichia coli galK gene has been developed to characterize Streptomyces transcriptional regulatory sequences. The system consists of galK-deficient Streptomyces lividans mutants and plasmids containing the E. coli galK gene with its natural ribosome-binding site and sites upstream of galK for insertion of transcription signals. Expression of the E. coli galK gene in S. lividans can be quantitated by either an enzymatic or immunoblot assay or detected by genetic complementation of an S. lividans galK- mutant. The utility of the plasmid to select, detect and assess promoter function was examined using the S. lividans XP55 and S. fradiae aph gene promoters. The potential use of the galK fusion system to isolate and characterize Streptomyces transcription signals is discussed.

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