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Gene. 1985;38(1-3):65-72.

Nucleotide sequence of the ksgA gene of Escherichia coli: comparison of methyltransferases effecting dimethylation of adenosine in ribosomal RNA.


The ksgA gene of Escherichia coli encodes a methyltransferase (MeT) that specifically dimethylates two adjacent adenosines near the 3' end of 16S RNA in the 30S particle. Its inactivation leads to kasugamycin (Ksg) resistance. Several plasmids were constructed with inserts which complemented chromosomal ksgA mutations. One of these inserts was sequenced and found to contain an open reading frame (ORF) sufficient to code for the previously identified 30-kDal MeT. We have compared the amino acid (aa) sequence of the ksgA-encoded enzyme with three published sequences of MeT involved in dimethylation of an adenosine residue in 23S RNA and rendering the organisms resistant to the MLS antibiotics. The homologous patches in the sequences of all four enzymes suggest that those might correspond to contact points for the common substrates, e.g., for the adenosine residue(s) and S-adenosylmethionine (SAM).

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