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Cell. 1985 Aug;42(1):335-44.

Molecular consequences of specific intron mutations on yeast mRNA splicing in vivo and in vitro.


We have altered the TACTAAC sequence in the yeast CYH2m gene intron to TACTACC. This mutation changes the nucleotide at the normal position of the branch in intron RNA lariats produced during pre-mRNA splicing, and it prevents splicing in vivo. In a yeast pre-mRNA splicing system, CYH2m pre-mRNA carrying the TACTACC mutation is not specifically cut or rearranged in any way. Substitution of an A for the first G of the CYH2m intron, converting the highly conserved GTATGT 5' splice site sequence to ATATGT, also blocks intron excision in vivo and in vitro: pre-mRNA carrying this mutation was still cut normally at the mutant 5' splice site in vitro, to give authentic exon 1 and an intron-exon 2 lariat RNA with an A-A 2'-5' phosphodiester linkage at the branch point. This lariat RNA is a dead-end product. The subsequent cleavage at the 3' splice site is therefore sensitive to the sequence of the 5' end of the intron attached at the branch point.

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