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Mycopathologia. 1985 Feb;89(2):113-8.

Immune responses elicited by vaccinations with Candida albicans ribosomes in cyclophosphamide treated animals.


This study describes humoral and cell mediated immune (CMI) responses detected in cyclophosphamide (CY) treated animals who were vaccinated with Candida albicans ribosomes and were protected against systemic candidiasis (previous study). Mice treated with CY and vaccinated with C. albicans ribosomes revealed CMI responses towards the ribosomes as measured in vivo by the foot pad swelling test and in vitro by the lymphocyte transformation assay. Both reactions were higher in CY treated and ribosome vaccinated mice than in controls (mice that were only vaccinated). Humoral immune responses were measured by the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Anti ribosomal antibody titer contrary to the CMI responses was lower in CY treated animals than in non treated controls. These data point to a possible explanation of the mechanisms underlying the ribosomal vaccinations in CY treated hosts, and show the potential of such vaccinations in compromised individuals.

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