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J Membr Biol. 1985;83(1-2):147-56.

The chromaffin granule proton pump and calcium-dependent exocytosis in bovine adrenal medullary cells.


Calcium-dependent exocytosis in 'leaky' bovine adrenal medullary cells has a requirement for Mg-ATP. One possibility is that exocytosis depends in some way on the operation of the ATP-dependent proton pump that serves to maintain the core of the secretory vesicles both acid and at a positive potential with respect to the cytosol. This possibility has been tested in 'leaky' cells by monitoring exocytosis under conditions where the secretory vesicle pH and potential gradients are measured in situ. The results show rather clearly that exocytosis can persist, with unchanged Ca-activation kinetics, in the virtual absence both of a difference in pH between the cytosol and secretory vesicle core and also of a difference in potential across the vesicle membrane. The results do not, however, exclude a small modulating effect of vesicle pH or potential on exocytosis and shed no light on whether or not the plasma membrane potential, which is maintained close to zero in these experiments, influences exocytosis.

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