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Am J Orthod. 1985 Aug;88(2):146-56.

Dentofacial maturation of untreated normals.


Cephalometric head films from a sample of 65 untreated normal persons were evaluated to determine the nature and extent of the normal dentofacial maturation process. Thirty-four parameters were examined in the mixed dentition (9 to 10 years), the early permanent dentition (12 to 13 years), and early adulthood (19 to 20 years). Results showed the importance of maxillary development, particularly in the vertical plane, as it was associated with the amount and direction of sagittal mandibular growth. "Late mandibular growth" was found to be a forward (bite-closing) rotation of the mandible that occurred after the cessation of vertical maxillary growth. Condylar growth amount and direction were influential in determining the degree of sagittal mandibular change. The degree of forward (bite-closing) mandibular rotation was strongly associated with the amount of both maxillary and mandibular molar eruption. Incisor positions were found to remain relatively constant, showing compensations for the amount and direction of skeletal growth. No correlations or predictions of clinical value were found between the cephalometric parameters examined and previously recorded dental-cast variables.

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