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Mol Gen Genet. 1979 Jun 7;173(2):115-25.

Isolation and characterization of DNA repetitions carrying the chromosomal beta-lactamase gene of Escherichia coli K-12.


A ColEl hybrid plasmid, pNUl, carrying the amp operon coding for chromosomal beta-lactamase was isolated from the Clarke and Carbon collection and physically mapped. The physical location of ampC within this plasmid was further deduced by in vitro cloning. By reciprocal recombination between pNUl and chromosome of two unstable beta-lactamase hyperproducing E. coli K-12 mutants a large plasmid from each mutant was obtained. The respective plasmid was physically mapped and found to contain five and two repeated DNA segments. The repetitions within each plasmid were equal in size, 9,800 bp and 11,900 bp respectively and were organized in tandem. The end points of the repeats were different in the two plasmids but shared a DNA segment carrying the ampC gene. The chromosomal DNA of the beta-lactamase hyperproducing E. coli mutants were found to contain an amplified DNA segment equal in size to the repeated unit found in the respective plasmid. The data shows that up to 10 identical repeats organized in tandem can be generated by a normal mutation frequency in E. coli.

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