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Virology. 1985 Dec;147(2):449-58.

The nucleotide sequence of the env gene from the human provirus ERV3 and isolation and characterization of an ERV3-specific cDNA.


The nucleotide sequence of the env gene of a previously described human provirus (ERV3) has been determined beginning near the 3'-end of the pol gene and continuing through the 3'-LTR. Analysis of the nucleotide sequence revealed the presence of a long open reading frame of 1944 nucleotides that is capable of encoding a polypeptide that has characteristics of other retroviral glycoproteins and transmembrane proteins. These include the presence of seven potential glycosylation sites, a typical glycoprotein-transmembrane protein cleavage sequence, and amino acid homologies to the glycoproteins and transmembrane proteins of other retroviruses. Further, we have isolated an ERV3-specific cDNA clone from a library prepared from liver RNA of a 20-week human fetus. DNA sequence analysis of this clone revealed that it is identical to the ERV3 genomic clone in the 1110 nucleotides that were sequenced.

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