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J Biol Chem. 1985 Aug 25;260(18):10027-31.

Phosphorylation of smooth muscle myosin at two distinct sites by myosin light chain kinase.


The 20,000-dalton light chain of turkey gizzard myosin is phosphorylated at two sites. Dual phosphorylation is observed when both intact myosin and isolated light chains are used as substrates. Phosphorylation of the second site is not observed at higher ionic strength (e.g. 0.35 M KCl). The first phosphorylation site (serine 19) is phosphorylated preferentially to the second site. The latter is phosphorylated more slowly than the first site, and its phosphorylation requires relatively high concentrations of myosin light chain kinase. It is suggested that myosin light chain kinase catalyzes the phosphorylation of both sites on the light chain, and several reasons are cited that make it unlikely that a contaminant kinase is involved. The second phosphorylation site is a threonine residue. Based on the results of limited proteolysis of the light chain, it is concluded that the threonine residue is close to serine 19, and possible locations are threonines 9, 10, and 18. At all concentrations of MgCl2, phosphorylation of the second site markedly increases the actin-activated ATPase activity of myosin and accelerates the superprecipitation response of myosin plus actin.

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