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Arch Androl. 1985;15(2-3):199-205.

Semen characteristics in pubertal boys. I. Semen quality after first ejaculation.


Semen specimens from 134 pubertal boys were examined, and some 274 assays were made. An analysis of the biological quality of semen in relation to the period of time after first ejaculation brings high values of statistical dependence of the volume of semen, its liquefaction, spermatozoal concentration, percentage of morphologically normal forms of spermatozoa, and normal spermatozoal motility on the period of time after first ejaculation. Normal figures for semen volume, semen liquefaction, spermatozoal concentration, and morphology are observed 12-14 months after first ejaculation. The percentage of normally motile spermatozoa becomes standard 21-23 months after first ejaculation. There were changes in semen characteristics from azoospermia through cryptozoospermia, oligozoospermia, and asthenozoospermia to normospermia. Azoospermia dominates until the fifth month after the first ejaculation, oligozoospermia from the sixth to the eleventh month, asthenozoospermia from the twelfth to the twentieth month, and normospermia from the twenty-first month.

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