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Brain Res. 1987 Feb 17;403(2):389-92.

Effects of ovariectomy and estradiol benzoate on high affinity choline uptake, ACh synthesis, and release from rat cerebral cortical synaptosomes.


Several presynaptic processes were studied in cerebral cortical synaptosomes prepared from intact adult female rats or from ovariectomized animals that received 3 subcutaneous injections of either estradiol benzoate (10 micrograms/kg) or vehicle. Injections were given 1/day, every other day, and animals were sacrificed 1 h after the last injection. High affinity choline uptake and coupled acetylcholine (ACh) synthesis were reduced by ovariectomy, and restored to control levels by the estradiol benzoate injections. In contrast, low affinity choline uptake and depolarization-induced [3H]ACh release were unaffected by either ovariectomy or estradiol benzoate injections. These results suggest that changes in estradiol levels may alter the high affinity transport process regulating ACh synthesis in this tissue.

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