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J Membr Biol. 1986;93(3):205-19.

Current-voltage relations of sodium-coupled sugar transport across the apical membrane of Necturus small intestine.

Erratum in

  • J Membr Biol 1987;95(2):187.


The current-voltage (I-V) relations of the rheogenic Na-sugar cotransport mechanism at the apical membrane of Necturus small intestine were determined from the relations between the electrical potential difference across the apical membrane, psi mc, and that across the entire epithelium, psi ms, when the latter was varied over the range +/- 200 mV, under steady conditions in the presence of galactose and after the current across the apical membrane carried by the cotransporter, ImSNa, is blocked by the addition of phloridzin to the mucosal solution. ImSNa was found to be strongly dependent upon psi mc over the range -50 mV less than psi mc less than EmSNa where EmSNa is the "zero current" or "reversal" potential. Over the range of values of psi mc encountered under physiological conditions the cotransporter may be modeled as a conductance in series with an electromotive force so that ImSNa = gmSNa (EmSNa - psi mc) where gmSNa is the contribution of this mechanism to the conductance of the apical membrane and is "near constant." In several instances ImSNa "saturated" at large hyperpolarizing or depolarizing values of psi mc. The values of EmSNa determined in the presence of 1, 5, and 15 mM galactose strongly suggest that if the Na-galactose cotransporters are kinetically homogeneous, the stoichiometry of this coupled process is unity. Finally, the shapes of the observed I-V relations are consistent with the predictions of a simple kinetic model which conforms with current notions regarding the mechanico-kinetic properties of this cotransport process.

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