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Immunology. 1987 Jan;60(1):83-9.

Production of passive immunity in neonatal ferrets following maternal vaccination with killed influenza A virus vaccines.


Neonatal ferrets may be passively immunized following maternal vaccination with formalin-inactivated influenza A virus vaccine, but the level of protection from partial to complete depends upon the number of doses used to vaccinate the mother, the presence or absence of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant, whether or not the mothers were 'primed' by prior infection with a serologically heterologous type A virus, and the age of the neonate at challenge. Neonates were completely protected up to 2 weeks of age, but susceptibility returned to nasal epithelium at 5 weeks and to lung at 7 weeks. Mothers immunized up to 9 months previously also partially or completely protected their offspring, this correlating with the maternal serum haemagglutination-inhibition (HI) antibody titre at the time of neonatal challenge, not the duration of immunity.

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