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J Trop Med Hyg. 1986 Dec;89(6):295-302.

Gambian cultural preferences in the use of insecticide-impregnated bed nets.


In field trials of permethrin-treated bed nets in a large Mandinka village, 95% of people were already sleeping under locally-made nets. They lasted about 6 years and cost about US$9.00 ($1.50 per year). Two permethrin dips per year added a further $0.60 per year (1985 prices). Non-immune children slept in beds shared with adults, and people wanted nets for many reasons, not just malaria protection. Fifty-eight per cent of people preferred opaque sheeting to open netting; sheeting gave more privacy, lasted longer, gave better protection from very small insects, dust, rats, etc. White was the colour preferred by 90% of interviewees. Comparing Mandinka with Wolof and Fula, there were ethnic differences in net owning and the proportion of children sleeping in beds with a mattress.

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