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Indian J Lepr. 1986 Jul-Sep;58(3):401-6.

Blood dapsone levels in leprosy patients treated with acedapsone.


The metabolism of the repository drug acedapsone (DADDS,4,4'-diacetyldiaminodiphenyl sulfone) was studied in 15 individuals receiving 225 mg of DADDS, intramuscularly for a period of 75 days. Plasma levels of DDS were determined on the 2nd, 7th, 15th, 30th, 60th and 75th day after administration of the drug by spectrophoto-fluorometric technique. The mean peak levels of DDS (85.36 ng/ml) were noticed on 7th day followed by a gradual decrease in DDS concentration. The mean half-life level (44.53 ng/ml) of DDS were observed around the 15th day. The mean DDS level for the entire period of observation after one dose was 41.95 ng/ml. On the 75th day, the DDS level reached the minimum value of 14.76 ng/ml which was still about 5 times more than the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) level of DDS against M. leprae (3 ng/ml). The results are discussed.

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