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J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1986 Dec 15;189(12):1579-82.

Blindness and convulsions associated with vitamin A deficiency in feedlot steers.


Blindness and convulsions were the predominant clinical signs in a group of feedlot steers inadvertently fed a vitamin-A deficient diet. Although vitamin A had been added to the feed at the time of preparation, it was believed that the vitamin A had been destroyed by heat, humidity, and minerals mixed in the feed. Feedlot heifers fed the same high-grain diet were clinically normal, and one heifer from which a blood sample was obtained had normal serum vitamin A content. The ingestion of sparse grasses and weeds found along the fence row of the heifers' pens was thought to have provided sufficient vitamin A to these animals. This episode demonstrated the importance of monitoring vitamin A and vitamin A precursor concentrations in stored feeds, especially those stored under adverse conditions and those fed to animals ingesting only a high-grain diet.

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