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Cell Differ. 1986 Oct;19(3):187-93.

Plasticity and rigidity of differentiation of brain vesicles studied in quail-chick chimeras.


Transplantation of a piece of the alar plate of the prosencephalon or of the rhombencephalon of quail embryos into the roof of the mesencephalon of chick embryos was carried out at 7-10 somite stage. Results obtained were: the transplanted alar plate of the prosencephalon differentiated into tissue closely resembling the tectum when the transplants were integrated into the host mesencephalon; in all the cases, the alar plate of the rhombencephalon did not differentiate into tectum-like structure, but into rhombencephalic descendants. We conclude that the alar plate of the prosencephalon at 7-10 stage is not definitively determined and may retain an ability to differentiate into the optic tectum, whereas the prospective fate of the rhombencephalon has already been determined at 7-10 stage.

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