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Ann Neurol. 1986 Nov;20(5):632-5.

Developmental Foix-Chavany-Marie syndrome in identical twins.


Foix, Chavany, and Marie described a syndrome of faciopharyngoglossomasticatory diplegia resulting from bilateral anterior opercular infarction. We describe identical twins who have a developmental form of the syndrome. The twins, aged 41 years, were the product of a normal pregnancy and birth, but had subsequent delayed motor milestones, seizures, poor language development, mild mental retardation, drooling, absent gag reflexes, inability to protrude the tongue, brisk jaw jerks, impaired fine finger movements, symmetrical brisk reflexes, flexor plantar responses, and mildly spastic gait. Magnetic resonance imaging showed bilateral perisylvian cortical dysplasia compatible with polymicrogyria and incomplete opercular formation.

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