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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986 Nov 14;140(3):1143-51.

Stereospecificity of diacylglycerol for stimulus-response coupling in platelets.


In intact platelets, a permeable diacylglycerol having a 1,2-sn- but not 2,3-sn- configuration activated protein kinase C directly. In the presence of Ca2+-ionophore this diacylglycerol caused full activation of platelet release reaction. 1,3-Isomer was inactive. Among these isomers only 1,2-sn-diacylglycerol was converted rapidly to the corresponding phosphatidic acid in both intact and broken cell preparations. Thus, the diacylglycerol which functions in stimulus-response coupling possesses a 1,2-sn-glycerol backbone, and other isomers are not involved in the signal transduction through the protein kinase C pathway.

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