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Hum Pathol. 1986 Nov;17(11):1167-78.

Morphologic and morphometric analysis of muscle in X-linked myotubular myopathy.


The X-linked form of myotubular myopathy is highly lethal in neonates. Several autopsy-derived muscles from two probands of a new kindred who survived for 100 days because of intensive supportive care were analyzed by light microscopy, morphometry, enzyme histochemistry, and electron microscopy. The results were compared with a similar analysis of muscle from control fetal and neonatal subjects. The findings, in addition to the characteristic centronucleated hypotrophic myofibers, included widespread myofiber degeneration and focal contraction band necrosis that differed from the types seen in other myopathic and dystrophic muscle diseases. A high frequency of degenerating nuclei that often contained large nucleoli was observed. Because of the paradoxic nuclear morphology, nuclear failure (in migration and myofibrillogenesis) is believed to be of central importance in the pathogenesis of this disease.

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