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Dev Biol. 1986 Nov;118(1):42-51.

Expression of multiple troponin T variants in neonatal chicken breast muscle.


The types of troponin-T (TNT) expressed in neonatal chicken breast muscle were examined by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-D PAGE), immunoblotting, and peptide mapping. When troponin from neonatal chicken breast muscle or whole lysate of the muscle was displayed on 2-D PAGE, multiple spots were observed in the TNT region on the gel. They differed slightly from those in adult breast- and leg-type TNT, but were positively stained with the antibody specific for TN-T. These results indicate that multiple spots observed in the TNT region are all TNT isoforms. The TNT isoforms in the neonatal breast muscle were classified into two groups, based on size. Each group contained about five variants. The first group with a larger size was in the molecular weight range of adult breast TNT, while the smaller-sized second group was in the molecular weight range of adult leg TNT. Overall peptide map patterns of variants in the first group and also that of adult breast TNT resembled each other, whereas those of variants in the second group were similar to that of adult leg TNT. The TNT of adult breast-type appeared at about 2- to 3-weeks posthatch, and thereafter became a major TNT isoform.

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