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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986 Sep 14;139(2):389-95.

Flash spectrophotometric identification of a fourth rhodopsin-like pigment in Halobacterium halobium.


A fourth retinal-containing pigment in Halobacterium halobium cell membrane was examined by flash spectrophotometry. The absorption maximum of this pigment was at about 480 nm. Flash light caused a photoreaction cycle with a half recovery time of about 300 ms at room temperature. The photoreaction cycle involved at least two photo-intermediates. The absorption maximum of the first one was at about 350 nm and that of the second was at around 530 nm. The spectral properties of this pigment and the content of the cells correlate with the sensitivity of photo-repellent response to the light around 480 nm. We suggest a name 'phoborhodopsin' for this new pigment.

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