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Virology. 1986 Jul 15;152(1):126-35.

Influenza B virus PB1 protein; nucleotide sequence of the genome RNA segment predicts a high degree of structural homology with the corresponding influenza A virus polymerase protein.


The complete nucleotide sequence of a cloned cDNA copy of the genome RNA segment encoding the influenza B/Lee/40 virus PB1 polymerase protein has been determined. The genome RNA segment is 2368 nucleotides in length and is capable of encoding a polymerase (PB1) protein of 752 amino acids with a calculated mol mass of 84,407 Da. As expected, the protein is highly basic with a net charge of +20 at pH 7.0. Sequence comparison between the influenza A and B virus PB1 proteins reveals that they share 61% amino acid homology. An internal hydrophobic domain and 90% of the proline residues found within the influenza A virus PB1 protein are conserved in the influenza B virus molecule. The influenza A and B virus PB1 proteins share the highest homology yet seen between proteins encoded by these disparate viruses. This remarkable conservation of primary structure argues for severe functional constraint on the evolution of this influenza virus polymerase protein.

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