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Neurosci Lett. 1986 Jul 24;68(2):149-54.

Intraspecific chick/chick chimaeras: dystrophic somitic mesoderm transplanted to a normal host forms muscles with a dystrophic phenotype.


Intraspecific chick/chick chimaeras were prepared by transplanting thoracic somitic mesoderm from donor chick embryos with hereditary muscular dystrophy to replace extirpated brachial somites of normal host embryos at stage 13 (48-52 h in ovo). Since the wings of unoperated dystrophic embryos exhibit significantly reduced motility between day-10 in ovo (day-10E) to day-15E, this parameter was used as a marker both to verify the viability of the transplant and to assess if the dystrophic phenotype of impaired functional activity is preserved in the mutant wing muscles innervated by brachial nerves of normal embryos. Our motility analyses of the chimaeras confirmed that transplanted thoracic somitic mesoderm gives rise to brachial musculature and that the experimental muscles maintained the inherent dystrophic phenotype.

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