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Ophthalmology. 1986 Jun;93(6):853-7.

Optic disc hemorrhage in low-tension glaucoma.


The prevalence of optic disc hemorrhage (DH) was determined in groups consisting of 192 primary open-angle glaucoma, 113 primary angle-closure glaucoma, 78 low-tension glaucoma, and 473 normal patients. The DH was mot prevalent (20.5%) among low tension glaucoma patients (chi 2; P less than 0.001). The epidemiological features of DH were studied in 58 low-tension glaucoma patients by examining them every one to four weeks from 6 to 32 months. All the DHs but one took place within a seven-month follow-up and the incidence of DH varies from 0 to 10% during the 32-month follow-up period. The overall incidence of DH was 24.8% during that period of time. Recurrences were seen in 64% of the eyes and 92% of these occurred within 28 weeks following the previous hemorrhages. Ninety-two percent of all DHs were present for at least four weeks. Low-tension glaucoma eyes seem to consist of two different groups; one which develops recurrent DH and one which is very unlikely to bleed through its entire course.

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