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Obstet Gynecol. 1986 Sep;68(3):370-2.

Neonatal polycythemia in infants of insulin-dependent diabetic mothers.


The rate of neonatal polycythemia was determined prospectively in 34 infants of diabetic mothers pair-matched to 34 infants of nondiabetic mothers (control group) for site of sampling, time of sampling, time of cord clamping, gestational age, mode of delivery, and one- and five-minute Apgar scores. Polycythemia (venous hematocrit greater than or equal to 65%) was present in 29.4% of infants of diabetic mothers and 5.9% of control subjects (P less than .03). Mean nucleated red blood cell counts were significantly higher in infants of diabetic mothers than in controls. Polycythemia did not correlate with higher maternal hemoglobin A1 concentration or with increased infant weight percentile, but did correlate with neonatal hypoglycemia. The authors speculate that increased erythropoiesis exists in infants of diabetic mothers and might be subsequent to fetal hypoxemia due to fetal hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinism, and hyperketonemia.

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