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Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1986;42(3):169-73.

Cytogenetic analysis of lymphoblastoid cell lines.


Cytogenetic abnormalities were discovered in more than half of 16 lymphoblastoid cell lines established from fragile X individuals and their relatives upon routine cytogenetic analysis of early passage cultures. Subsequently, a second series of lymphoblastoid lines was analyzed to determine if the aneuploidy was a characteristic of lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from fragile X families or a result of the use of cyclosporin A in the establishment of these lines. In the second series of 33 lymphoblastoid cultures, no aneuploid clones were found in the fragile X group, while two were detected in the control cultures, one in a line initiated with cyclosporin A and the other in a line established without cyclosporin A. We conclude that the abnormal clones in our preliminary series were not a characteristic of lines derived from fragile X families and probably not due to the use of cyclosporin A. However, the finding of chromosome abnormalities in a large proportion of lines during the first 3 mo of culture contrasts with previous reports of chromosome stability for the first 12-18 mo of cultivation and indicates that the chromosomes of lymphoblastoid lines should be monitored in any experiment in which a normal diploid complement is critical.

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