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Biochem Pharmacol. 1986 Jul 1;35(13):2081-5.

Differential inhibition of rat tissue catalase by cyanamide.


The relative sensitivity of rat tissue catalase to inhibition by intraperitoneally administered cyanamide was liver greater than kidney greater than heart greater than brain, whereas the activity of the erythrocyte enzyme was affected minimally. The measured ED50 values for cyanamide in these tissues were 31, 44, 107 and 680 mumoles/kg body weight for liver, kidney, heart and brain respectively. On a molar basis, cyanamide was approximately twenty times more potent than 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole (3-AT) in inhibiting hepatic catalase in vivo in the rat. Like 3-AT, cyanamide inhibited erythrocyte catalase activity in vitro in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. The apparent similarities between the inhibition of hepatic catalase by cyanamide and 3-AT in vivo suggest that cyanamide belongs to the family of 3-AT-like catalase inhibitors.

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