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Eur Heart J. 1986 Apr;7(4):279-88.

The multifactor primary prevention trial in Göteborg, Sweden.


The effect of a multifactorial intervention programme on coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke incidence and total mortality was determined in a random sample of men, 47-55 years old at entry. The intervention group comprised 10 004 men, and the two control groups were of similar size. The intervention consisted of antihypertensive treatment in subjects with screening blood pressure above 175 mmHg systolic or 115 mmHg diastolic, dietary advice to men with serum cholesterol levels above 260 mg per 100 ml (= 6.8 mMol l-1), advice to stop smoking to subjects who smoked more than 15 cigarettes per day. The intervention was applied for 10 years during which time CHD and stroke incidence and mortality were followed by means of special registers. Participation rate at first screening examination was 75%. The risk factor levels, i.e. blood pressure, serum cholesterol and smoking decreased markedly during 10 years in the intervention group, but also among the control groups. Total mortality, stroke and CHD incidence did not differ significantly between the intervention group and any of the two control groups. We conclude that a decrease has taken place in all three major risk factors for CHD in the general male population in Göteborg, Sweden. Strategies other than intervention on high-risk individuals must be chosen if a major impact on disease incidence is to be achieved in the general population.

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