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Andrologia. 1986 Mar-Apr;18(2):208-13.

Spermatozoal fertilizing capacity in polyzoospermia: a preliminary study.


Men with the spermatological symptom of polyzoospermia (greater than 250 X 10(6) sperm/ml) have been reported to seldom impregnate their wives. It was the aim of this study to investigate the spermatozoal fertilizing capacity in polyzoospermia by the human sperm and zona-free hamster ova penetration bioassay. General semen characteristics and in vitro spermatozoal fertilizing capacity were studied in 12 polyzoospermic male partners of couples of infertile marriages. The results were compared with those from a control group of normospermic fertile men (n = 22). No significant differences in sperm motility, normal morphology and in vitro spermatozoal fertilizing capacity were found between the two groups. The polyzoospermic men we studied did not appear to have any defect with the spermatozoal fertilizing capacity, as assessed by the heterologous sperm--ova penetration bioassay. The apparent impairment of fertility and higher abortion rate in couples with polyzoospermic male partners, as described in the literature, may be related to chromosomal aberrations and/or other unknown functional defect of the spermatozoa.

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