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Eur J Biochem. 1986 May 15;157(1):169-80.

Protein volumes and hydration effects. The calculations of partial specific volumes, neutron scattering matchpoints and 280-nm absorption coefficients for proteins and glycoproteins from amino acid sequences.


Amino acid sequences, carbohydrate compositions and residue volumes are used to compare critically calculations of partial specific volumes v, neutron scattering matchpoints and 280-nm absorption coefficients with experimental v values for proteins and glycoproteins. The v values that are obtained from amino acid densitometry underestimate experimental v values by 0.01-0.02 ml/g while the v values from crystallographic volumes overestimate the experimental v values by 0.04-0.05 ml/g. An intermediate consensus volume set of amino-acid-residue volumes is proposed in order to predict experimental v values using sequence information. The method is extended to carbohydrates and glycoproteins. Neutron scattering matchpoints can be calculated from crystallographic residue volumes on the basis of the non-exchange of 10% of the main-chain NH protons. Crystallographic results on protein-bound water are used to account for the experimental values of v and matchpoints. Finally, 280-nm absorption coefficients, A1%, 1 cm 280, of 5-27 are found to be well predicted by the Wetlaufer procedure based on the totals of Trp, Tyr and Cys residues. Average errors are +/- 0.7, and the experimental A(1%,1cm)280 values can be larger than the predicted values by 3%.

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