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FEBS Lett. 1986 May 5;200(1):197-202.

Volume-dependent and NEM-stimulated K+,Cl- transport is elevated in oxygenated SS, SC and CC human red cells.


Mechanisms involved in cell volume regulation are important in SS, SC cells as they might be involved in determining the extent of sickling and the generation of dense cells and irreversibly sickled cells. We have studied in these cells the response to cell swelling of the K+,Cl- transporter. We found that Hb SS, SC and CC red cells have higher values of a ouabain-resistant, chloride-dependent and NEM-stimulated K+ efflux than AA red cells. In contrast, the Na+,K+,Cl- cotransport estimated from the bumetanide-sensitive component of K+ efflux was not significantly different in SS, SC and CC red cells. The (ouabain + bumetanide)-resistant K+ efflux from SS, SC and CC red cells was stimulated by cell swelling induced by reduction of the osmotic pressure (300 to 220 mosmol/l) and pH (8 to 7) of the flux media (140 mM NaCl). The Cl--dependent K+ efflux stimulated by osmotic swelling highly correlated with the NEM-stimulated component (r = 0.8, p less than 0.001, n = 22) and the acid-pH-induced swelling (r = 0.969, p less than 0.001, n = 22), indicating that it is driven by the K+,Cl- transporter.

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