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Daily physical activity levels in preadolescent boys related to VO2max and lactate threshold.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the physical activity levels in eleven 9-10 year old boys with reference to aerobic power or lactate threshold (LT). Daily physical activity levels were evaluated from a HR monitoring system for 12 h on three different days. VO2max, VO2-HR relationship and LT were determined by the progressive treadmill test. LT was 36.7 +/- 3.1 ml X kg-1 X min-1 and 71.0 +/- 6.6% VO2max. Mean total time of activities with HR above the level corresponding to 60% VO2max (T-60%) and that above LT (T-LT) were 34 +/- 7 and 18 +/- 7 min, respectively. VO2max (ml X kg-1 X min-1) correlated significantly with T-60% (p less than 0.01), while no significant relationship was found with LT in ml X kg-1 X min-1. In conclusion, longer daily physical activities at moderate to higher intensity for preadolescent children seem to increase VO2max rather than LT.

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