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Mol Immunol. 1987 Oct;24(10):1047-53.

Complement-mediated solubilization of rat IgA immune precipitates.

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International Institute of Cellular and Molecular Pathology, Catholic University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium.


The complement-mediated solubilization (CMS) of immunoprecipitates (IP) consisting of DNP-rat serum albumin (RSA) and rat monoclonal anti-DNP antibodies of the IgA [both polymeric (p-) and monomeric (m-)] or IgG2b (sub)class was studied. In contrast to IgG2b IP, solubilization of IgA IP was only observed in an autologous system, with rat serum as the source of complement. IP prepared using m-IgA were solubilized faster than those prepared using p-IgA. Analysis of both affinity and avidity of the antibodies, indicated that this difference may be due to the lower avidity of the m-IgA antibodies as compared to p-IgA. Analysis of the solubilized IP revealed deposition of C3 and C4 on IgG2b, and only C3 on IgA IP. These results point toward a role of the alternative pathway in the solubilization of IgA IP. Size analysis of the solubilized IgA IP employing sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation, indicated that these were heterogeneous, with a size generally larger than 19 S.

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